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For those of you who have done business with us you know how big of a deal this is. 

Our first two years have been pretty tumultuous. I would like to share that story with you before this announcement. 

I originally started this company 6 years ago as a side gig. That’s my original business card in the photo below.I never intended to do it full time. 

Well, fast forward to the last 2 years. I was working as a manager/regional in training for a new chain of tire shops. We were out performing every store and I was effectively implementing our process with the other 4 stores. 

Randomly over the span of 3 weeks I had 2 technicians have accidents on my day off. The first of which was truly a mistake and the second was a tech hitting a fence. 

Long story short, the owner fired me over this. He was overly frustrated that his 5 stores, soon to be 7, were not performing and I became the target. 

I looked at Andrew and said, we are working for ourselves. I’m done building million dollar stores just to be cast aside like a piece of junk. 

That is when we began full time. Armed with only knowledge and a bissel green machine , we started the hard way. I implemented the same strategies I had for other peoples businesses and now it was ours. 

The struggle has been real. You never realize how much you actually do until everything rises and falls on your own efforts. 

I am absolutely proud to announce that after 2 years nearly to the date we will no longer be effected by the weather. 

We will be moving into our new shop space next week Wednesday !

Thank you all for your continued support. This Cinderalla story is not complete without our clients. 

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Jonathan Monson

Jonathan Monson

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