What is a compound and why are there so many?

What is a compound and why are there so many?

If you have not read the previous blog “What is a polish and when is it necessary”, I highly recommend it as the first part in researching the many ways to make your paint look its best. The next step up from a polish is a medium cut compound. That is what we will be talking about in this blog today. We have used a photo of one of our favorite medium cut compounds. Angelwax Regenerate is a great medium compound that works well for removing swirls and even some light scratches. Let’s talk about that process, but first…

Let’s talk for a minute about pedicures. When you regularly go in for a pedicure, the technician just uses the typical tools. When you’re like me who never goes in for a pedicure, they break out this cheese grader looking thing and peel years of callous and battered skin build up. This is essentially the same principle. Compounds increase in aggressiveness and at Dirty2Dreamy we use them based on the level of work needed to be done. A medium compound is right in the middle of that progression when it comes to compounds.

A medium compound is great for removing things like minor swirling, light scratches, some water spotting and mid level paint prep work. The beauty of being able to use a medium cut compound is the diminishing compounds allow us to finish the paint down in one step. This lends itself to being as efficient as possible in the paint process.

We recommend taking it to a professional like us at Dirty2Dreamy. Using these systems by hand can be done but will be incredibly time consuming and machine polishing is highly recommended. This will provide a superior result in most scenarios. It takes a skilled professional to reach the best of results with these tools. If you ever have any questions or would even like training, feel free to reach out to us at Dirty2Dreamy. Check out the next blog in our series of paint polishing information. We will be covering heavy cutting compounds.

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