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What are the benefits of coating heavy equipment?

At Dirty2Dreamy Detail Services we offer commercial coating services for your excavators, lawn equipment, loaders, concrete layers and just about every piece of large equipment you could ever imagine including Dillano’s Industrial Diedrich Coffee roasters. The question is not “Can we coat it” it is “Why would we”. I’ll be answering this question extensively. 

When it comes to heavy equipment, the biggest concern is down time and repairs. There are 3 major reasons to ceramic coat equipment in general and they are as follows: ease of maintenance, reduced down time for both repairs and cleaning and reduced amount of repairs needed over time. I will address each one of these individually. 

Ease of maintenance is one of the biggest selling points for any coating in general. The coating provides a protective layer that is much more hydrophobic than paint of clear coat. This lends itself to making cleaning much easier than in the past. Think of it like a non stick skillet or cookie sheet. The protective layer resists contaminants and reduces adhesion. This keeps the surfaces cleaner longer and lends itself greatly to making the wash process much faster. These machines can cost from $1000 to upwards of the $100,000 range. Keeping them clean and maintained is paramount to keeping them operating and representing your business properly. We have compared data from several large equipment companies and discovered that cleaner machines last longer and have less down time then dirty machines. Check out this video describing some of the client’s input about the benefits of having his equipment ceramic coated. You will see from this data that ceramic coating benefits greatly when it comes to equipment life and efficiency of use.

At Dirty2Dreamy Detail Services we are all about reduced downtime and reducing the need for repairs. Jonathan Monson, the owner, personally coats all of his equipment. From polishers to vacuums to heavy equipment, the owners believe in the product because they have personally tested it. Maintenance is key in reducing equipment failures for any piece of equipment. These large loaders and excavators can be a pain to wash due to size. The coating makes this incredibly easier to do because of the aforementioned benefits, but how does that reduce system failures? These rigs are out in the elements on a regular basis. The largest problem you encounter is a dirty rig. A dirty rig collects moisture when operated in the rain and elements. When the rig is dirty this moisture will collect in the dirty areas around hydraulic lines and critical areas of the equipment. We all know moisture is an enemy. Moisture causes decay like rust and oxidation in areas you simply don’t want it. The coating we use is spray applied so we are able to coat all hydraulic lines and areas of concern when it comes to moisture. This provides not only an extra layer of protection,but the ability to clean these areas much easier. Keeping these areas clean of debris reduces the likelihood of moisture collection and unwanted downtime for repair. You can see the coating application process here by clicking the link to this short video.

The third benefit nearly explains itself after reading about the first two benefits. We reduce the need for repairs by adding an additional layer of protection that makes maintenance much easier. A better maintained machine equals fewer machine downtime instances. There is nothing worse than having a machine go down in the middle of a job. It can make a company look unprepared or delay the completed project. We dramatically reduce this by installing our commercial coating and explaining how to maintain the rigs fast and easy. The fact is, a coated machine lasts longer, looks better and is easier to maintain. This in turn reduces overall costs of running the equipment and justifies the additional cost of the coating. It literally sells itself when you understand how it all works. If you are looking for more education on the subject feel free to watch this lengthier video on the coating benefits and application process. This was filmed with The Dirt Ninja during the coating process on his John Deere Excavator. You can also email, FB message , IG message or reach out to us anytime at Dirty2Dreamy Detail Services and we will happily answer any questions you have.

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Jonathan Monson

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