The benefits of a waterless or rinse-less wash

The benefits of a waterless or rinse-less wash

There are some pretty amazing products out there like American Detailer Garage’s Wipe Out,Optimum No Rinse or Shine Supply Eco Shine. These are all state of the art products that allow you to wash your vehicle WITHOUT water. I know, it sounds insane,but it’s true. These products make swift work of regular maintenance. 

There are so many benefits to regular maintenance with a waterless wash. One of the biggest benefits is reduced setup time. You literally grab the bottle and get to washing the vehicle. There is no hose, pressure washer or multiple bucket setup needed. The level of efficiency is through the roof when it comes to setup. 

One of the biggest benefits to this method of washing is the reduction of water spotting.Those DIY washers that like to wash their vehicle every weekend and use their own tap water will love this. The best of waterless products actually have a water softening quality to them. This dramatically reduces water spotting when washing, especially on glass. This benefit alone would drive most folks to prefer this method at home. 

These products also have chemicals that encapsulate dirt to protect your paint. Now, I’m no science expert, but it’s a pretty cool feature. You can tell when you’re using a solid waterless product because it feels very well lubricated. This lends itself to protecting your paint from potential marring and wash damage marks. I’m not a huge fan of letting the vehicle get filthy before a wash so this method works great for me. I would heed some warning that if the vehicle is absolutely filthy the waterless wash method is not the best method to choose. This method,in my opinion, is a solid maintenance method that makes quick work of a regular chore. 

One of my favorite industry leaders is Yvan Lacroix. He has several videos out there on the waterless washing method and leads our industry in efficiency advice for detailers. I have selected one of his videos for you all to view a true industry giant showing you how simple washing your vehicle can be. Check it out here and feel free to send us any questions you every have regarding vehicle wash maintenance.

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