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The lies about ceramic coatings revealed

Considering a ceramic coating,but confused by all the flashy advertisements out there. Here is a logical look at coatings without all the flashiness and unnecessary dramatics. Check it out!

How to leave windows streak free

Windows making you angry? Just cannot seem to get them streak free. Let us help at Dirty2Dreamy Detail Services. The owner Jonathan Monson has written this article to help you leave those windows streak free and looking good.

What are the benefits of coating heavy equipment?

At Dirty2Dreamy Detail Services we offer commercial coating services for your excavators, lawn equipment, loaders, concrete layers and just about every piece of large equipment you could ever imagine including Dillano’s Industrial Diedrich Coffee roasters. The question is not “Can we coat it” it is “Why would we”. I’ll be answering this question extensively.  When […]

How much is a ceramic coating?

If you’re wondering how much a coating costs then this is the article for you. Give it a quick read and feel free to send us any messages you have. Even if you are not in our area, we are happy to help.

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