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Why you shouldn’t ask your detailer for a discount

by: Jonathan Monson & Dirty2Dreamy Detail Many would think, based on the title, that I’m about to give you a hard time for asking for a discount. When in fact, I’m going to give you a better way to ask for the best price. Let’s be honest, people who are good with money know how […]

Maintaining a ceramic coated vehicle vs an uncoated vehicle

by: Jonathan Monson & Dirty2Dreamy Detail Services We often see comments like, ”now that your vehicle is ceramic coated you cannot use an automatic car wash” or “when you ceramic coat your vehicle you can only use certain chemicals to wash it”. These are flat out lies, but follow me for a second on this.  […]

What is a heavy cutting compound?

by: Jonathan Monson If you have not read our previous blog “What is a compound and why is there so many?”, I highly recommend it. Today we are going to cover heavy cutting compounds. I have used a photo of one of our favorite heavy cutting compounds, Angelwax Resurrection. Heavy cutting compounds are very similar […]

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