About Our Auburn, WA Detail Shop

We started Dirty2Dreamy Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Film 5 years ago. I was tired of working for other people and watching businesses forget their communities and what got them where they were. We started Dirty2Dreamy to be different. We want to be a company that isn't afraid to be the light that everyone needs to see in this world. It is so much more than detail for us. We offer programs for recovered stolen vehicles, cancer sufferers and #operationmissiondetail.

The essence of Dirty2Dreamy is community. Sure we have some serious skills when it comes to making a vehicle look it's absolute best, but we use those skills to unite communities for the greater good. We dream of year 10 when we take this mission of ours on the road all around the United States changing lives through detail.


Quality Promise

Because we represent integrity in action, you can always count on high quality, trained and certified professionals working on your vehicle. It is our vision to impact the entire industry and raise the bar for what is expected from a detail company, one client at a time.


Mission Statement

We represent integrity in action. We are founded on community and support each community we do business with. When you do business with us, The Dreamy Way, everyone wins


Vision Statement

Dirty2Dreamy was established to take #OperationMissionDetail from a dream into a reality. We touch lives through detail. Every person who works with us will walk away feeling like the world is a better place. Our vision is a world where detail can solve hunger,depression and more. Where a wax can feed the homeless. Where hard work and community lead to growth and safety. Join us in this vision.

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