Annual ceramic coating vs. long term ceramic coating

Annual ceramic coating vs. long term ceramic coating

You’re seeing people lately selling these long term ceramic coatings and misrepresenting the true nature of how that ceramic coating benefits you. Here at Dirty2Dreamy it is our goal to be as transparent with you as possible. So, let’s talk about the difference between ceramic coating annually vs. longer term solutions.

The first part of a ceramic coating process is the paint prep. Every installer should be performing some form of paint correction step to prep the paint and remove swirls, scratches, water spots and damage. This is not a lasting part of any service. There is literally not one single car out there that will stay swirl free. Even with the ceramic coating on the vehicle, you’re going to have mishaps happen. The paint correction CANNOT be guaranteed for any amount of time because it directly relates to how the vehicle is cared for. This is where the idea of annual ceramic coatings comes in.

If you are one of the people that want their paint to look flawless, you are an annual ceramic coating client. Why? Each year, your vehicle needs a polish to ensure the finish is flawless. That’s going to happen whether you have a ceramic coated vehicle or not. Someone is going to ding your door someday, lean against your vehicle or dry wipe your car with their fingers. It’s just going to happen, it’s unavoidable in this life. So, we polish out the flaws and add protection every year.

Where a long term solution really comes into play is when you want to make the vehicle easy to maintain and protect the paint for years. This makes more sense for someone that likes a good looking vehicle and doesn’t pay attention to absolute perfection. I know that’s hard to hear, but perfection comes at a cost. Ceramic coatings are a long term solution to care and maintenance. They do not leave a vehicle flawless. They simply offer a sacrificial layer of protection that resists dirt and grime and keeps the vehicle looking great for years to come.

For more information on what a ceramic coating really is…check out this article.

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