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What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a semi-permanent nano protection for your vehicle’s surfaces, but what does that even mean? A ceramic coating is honestly pretty cool at the science level. It has a lot to do with the chemical reaction when you apply the coating to the vehicle’s surfaces. This chemical reaction creates a hardened layer […]

How Much Is a Ceramic Coating?

The short answer to the question, “How much is a ceramic coating?” is about $200 for a quality coating. That answer only covers the cost of the product and there is so much more to a ceramic coating installation than just a product. The product does matter because you want a quality product if you […]

Brake Dust is Corrosive!

Brake dust is one of the biggest contaminants on a vehicle that causes long term damage if not properly taken care of. It will quickly destroy your wheels if left on for too long. The brake dust begins the corrosion process and the sun lends itself to be the almighty recycler of things as we […]

Annual ceramic coating vs. long term ceramic coating

You’re seeing people lately selling these long term ceramic coatings and misrepresenting the true nature of how that ceramic coating benefits you. Here at Dirty2Dreamy it is our goal to be as transparent with you as possible. So, let’s talk about the difference between ceramic coating annually vs. longer term solutions. The first part of […]

Ceramic Coatings : You’re being lied to!

Stop allowing the sensational marketing, the liars and the cheats of our industry to fool you with flashy colors and soaps. Seek the professional ceramic coating installer.

Why your ceramic coating guarantee doesn’t matter

Why your ceramic coating guarantee doesn’t matter  The guarantee you are given with your coating is only as good as the word of the business who installed the coating for you. For this reason, it is imperative to do your research on the location and business you have chosen to do this work. Check their […]

How do you deal with foreign contamination?

What happens when your vehicle has stuff on it that you simply don’t know what it is? This can be frustrating for a vehicle owner and even for a detailer. When you don’t know what it is. You really can’t confidently say you know how to remove it! This is why we always talk about […]

The truth about ceramic coatings

There is seriously so much noise in the industry about ceramic coatings and ceramic infused products. There are wolves preying on sheep left and right and it can be disheartening at times as an industry professional to see so many people being taken advantage of. We do our best to take a long term approach […]

Ceramic Coating: Buyer Beware!

I’m just going to cut right to the chase on this one. If you’re inquiring about a ceramic coating and the installer is not going to polish or paint correct the vehicle prior to installing the coating, YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME! Simply stated, it is a requirement for most legit ceramic coating companies […]

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