Car Detailing Auburn, WA

Professional Detailing Preserves Your Vehicle's Interior & Exterior for Years.

Car detailing is the best way to preserve the look of your vehicle for years. Our services make it possible to feel like you’re in a new car all the time. Here is a list of our interior & exterior auto detailing capabilities.

Interior Detailing Services

Exterior Detailing Services

Interior Detailing Before

interior detailing before

Interior Detailing After

interior detailing after

Before Headlight Restoration

before headlight restoration

After Headlight Restoration

after headlight restoration

About Our Auburn Detail Shop

Are you looking for the best car detailing experience? We are licensed coating and restoration detail specialists. We offer a variety of high end detail packages as well as regular maintenance details. We represent integrity in action. We are founded on community and support each community we do business with. When you do business with us, The Dreamy Way, everyone wins.

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