What is a heavy cutting compound?

What is a heavy cutting compound?

by: Jonathan Monson

If you have not read our previous blog “What is a compound and why is there so many?”, I highly recommend it. Today we are going to cover heavy cutting compounds. I have used a photo of one of our favorite heavy cutting compounds, Angelwax Resurrection. Heavy cutting compounds are very similar to most other compounds. They are just a bit more aggressive then say a medium cutting compound. It will really matter what kind of paint you are dealing with when you think of a heavy cutting compound.

When you resort to a heavy cutting compound it is likely that the paint has some decent defects. This is where it really matters what kind of paint you are working with and what pad you are using to cut. You may very well be leaving behind minor marring that needs to be removed with a second step of medium compound or finishing polish. Paints like GMC & Chevy can be very soft and a heavy cut compound won’t finish to the highest gloss. This is where you will really need to follow the steps of compound and polish.

A heavy cut compound can remove minor defects all the way up to major defects like scratches and manufacturer issues. When you combine a heavy cut compound with a heavy cut pad you can really hammer down to remove a good amount of defects. Past this step you would work into a sanding step and that takes a seasoned professional. As a consumer you would never want to step into sanding unless you had some decent training or just did not care about the vehicle you were practicing on.

We recommend getting yourself a test hood from the local body shop or junk yard and starting there. Practice with all of your steps, now that you know them. Use a heavy cut compound with a heavy cut pad, work your next step with a medium and medium pad and then finish off with a polish and finishing pad. Experiment with different combinations and hone your skills before you ever work on a nice vehicle. You can also always reach out to us at Dirty2Dreamy. We are always happy to help!

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