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Where did the bad detailer person touch your car?

by: Jonathan Monson & Dirty2Dreamy

There are several levels of detail out there. The express detail place with the drive through car wash for $55 is not the same as the local mobile guy that is $225 and he is not the same as the shop guy that is $500. There are pretty distinct differences in the level of service. You get what you pay for, but why? 

The market creates the need for these things. What you may find insane, others are buying on a regular basis. This is what we call market segments and they get CRAZY sometimes. There are people in this world that want all four seats removed from the car EVERY time it is detailed. Yes, that is a real thing. There are others who just want a vacuum and could care less about the stains in those carpets or seats. There is also the level of folks that treat their vehicle like a trash can and just throw all their trash and debris on the floor. That’s two pretty extreme ends of the spectrum. 

This is exactly why there are segments in the market. Maybe trash can car person is ok with a $55 job with 0 attention to detail. Seats pulled person would NEVER accept that level of detail. In fact, they would likely yell at you for even touching the car like that. It would turn into this “point out on the hotwheels car where the bad detailer man touched it wrong” scenario. It’s funny,but I’m serious. 

This makes a discussion imperative to the process of booking your detailing appointment. We have tools that help give you an idea of costs like our online menu you can find by clicking book now at the top of our main page. Talking to us about your wants and needs are the best way to get accuracy. Most people are not the trash can person or the seats out person. Most people float right in the middle. 

If you’re truly interested in The Dreamy Experience, it is just one click away. It starts with this form. This is how we find out if we need to break out the hot wheels car and ask the hard questions or if you fit right in the middle. Either person, we are happy to help! 

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Thanks for reading!

Jonathan Monson
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Jonathan Monson

Jonathan Monson

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