Why is a Cartoys detail only $99?

Why is a Cartoys detail only $99?

by: Jonathan Monson & Dirty2Dreamy

I’m sure you think that we are about to bash the quality of the detail. That is the furthest thing from the truth though. We have more class than that. The truth of the matter is that the Cartoys style retail detail is what we call, in business, a loss leader. 

A loss leader is something a business makes no money on, but it brings other sales into the business. A great example is an oil change. We have all had the experience of getting a cheap oil change and the service advisor trying to sell us all sorts of maintenance and repair items. That is the model. That is how they actually make a profit. There is nothing wrong with it. 

The Cartoys detail brings clients that will walk through the store. They may buy a stereo system while they are there. They may even have Cartoys install that system. This is the design of their loss leader. They are not making any money on a $99 detail. Think about the math. The cost of chemicals, micros and the staff for a 2 hour detail. It is a break even point at best. 

Remember this when your local small business detailer or detail shop gives you a price. You simply cannot expect a small business to decide to go out of business to compete with an inferior product that is designed to be a loss leader. You can expect better service, better care and a more personal experience. 

Hope that helps explain those cheap detail prices at those big box stores and companies. 

Thanks for reading!

Jonathan Monson
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