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Dirty2Dreamy is much more than a car detailing shop. We are a community-focus operation that strives to touch lives through detail!

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Our Auto Detailing Services

Ceramic Coating

This service usually follows a paint correction. We apply a highly advanced nano-ceramic coating that adds years of protection & ease of maintenance.


Paint Correction

During this service, we use professional-grade machinery and lighting, wet sanding, compounds and skills to reduce or eliminate paint defects.


Interior & Exterior Detailing

Professional detailing preserves the life and value of your vehicle. From interior shampooing to clay bar and wax. We've got you covered.

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The Dreamy Experience

Are you looking for the best ceramic coating or car detailing experience? We pride ourselves in what we call The Dreamy Experience. This experience is all about the client or what we call The Dreamy Family. We keep our clients posted throughout the service and we have a system of operations that uncovers the client's wants and needs so we can nail the final product. Each vehicle goes through an extensive inspection procedure so we know exactly what it needs to be Dreamy. When you do business the Dreamy Way, everyone wins!

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