The truth about ceramic coatings

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The truth about ceramic coatings

There is seriously so much noise in the industry about ceramic coatings and ceramic infused products. There are wolves preying on sheep left and right and it can be disheartening at times as an industry professional to see so many people being taken advantage of. We do our best to take a long term approach of educating with our social media platforms, email campaigns and blogging posts.

The sad reality is that there is ZERO requirement from any company to prove their products are a legitimate ceramic product, because there is no recognized standard in the industry that dictates what a ceramic coating is. Some of these companies advertise just the buzzword “coating” and capitalize in the millions with this buzzword. It really is hard as a consumer to judge what is good and what is snake oil. So, what do we do?

Honestly, use what makes you happy. Do business with people and companies and not product types. You can never go wrong with supporting the RIGHT people. When you’ve purchased a product and you love the way it performs, keep purchasing it! When you’ve supported a small business with a ceramic installation and you are happy with the end result, share their business, drop them a review and tell your friends and family about them!

Ultimately, there is no stopping the great profit machine and sadly some will attain that profit in an underhanded way. Use the tools at your disposal to share your experiences and send the right market signals. Eventually, the free market will reveal those who are operating in an underhanded way. Always remember the small ones need your support to compete with the big ones and appreciate you far more than a big company can ever realize.

I know, for us at least, we value you, your support and your happiness above all else that we do in this business. The Dreamy Experience is about becoming part of our family. We care about our family. That is just how we feel about it! We are working diligently to pass that culture along to our Dreamers that we employ. Slow growth is where we are happy and this is why.

Thank you for the continued support !

Jonathan Monson
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