Brake Dust is Corrosive!

Brake Dust is Corrosive!

Brake dust is one of the biggest contaminants on a vehicle that causes long term damage if not properly taken care of. It will quickly destroy your wheels if left on for too long. The brake dust begins the corrosion process and the sun lends itself to be the almighty recycler of things as we have said in the past. The sun will bake this contaminant on your wheels and paint which is all bad. 

Brake dust is pretty easy to handle on paint with an iron remover and a clay service, but sometimes can be complicated to get off of your wheels. The biggest problem with wheels is the barrels. You have to clean those barrels at least once every 3-6 months or you will never catch up with the damage that dust will cause. 

Once the damage begins, it travels to the faces of the wheels and quickly ruins the look of your ride….but how do we get back there! There are several tools that can be used to get the backs of the wheels. You will want to pick up some of these tools or just hire a detailer to properly clean your exterior once a quarter. 

Check out wheel woolies as they are some of our absolute favorites! You can find all sorts of great wheel tools at Use coupon code DREAMY for 10% off! 

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