What is a polish and when is it necessary

What is a polish and when is it necessary

By: Jonathan Monson

If you are not much of a reader, I will simplify this right off the bat. You wash your face daily,but exfoliate it weekly. Exfoliating removes the dead skin and deep contaminants and leaves your skin looking glowing and vibrant. Welcome to the basic principle of a polish. I’ll cover it more in depth in the paragraphs below for those that would like to know more.

A polish is not a “buff”, it does not remove scratches and it is the least aggressive step in the paint correction process. The problem consumers have is they are not detailers and detailers have made this entire process incredibly confusing for consumers. We throw out words like one step, two step, red step, blue step and just confuse consumers during our sales conversations. My goal is to simplify this so consumers actually know what they are buying.

The polish step is left for either the last step in a heavy paint correction or a maintenance step for a vehicle that is well cared for. It is the least aggressive step in any machine or hand paint work and solely designed to refine a final result that looks most elegant and shiny. It is the lightest in an exfoliation process for your car. Picture the difference between someone with weathered and poorly cared for feet going in for a pedicure vs. a well pampered foot that is regularly moisturized and maintained. The tech would have to spend far more time on the first vs the latter. I know for me they had to break out the BIG files and what appeared to be a large cheese grater.

The polish is exactly those things. It is a maintenance step that you perform on a well maintained vehicle that leaves it looking like it just came off the show room floor. It is an exfoliator for light contamination. The pores in your clear coat will thank you for keeping up on this maintenance step. This will also keep your vehicle in the best shape increasing your trade or resale value dramatically.

Now, if you read this and are like … oh crap, I have not been doing that. No stress! That is what the COMPOUND step is for. I will be talking about this in my next blog post, so stay tuned! The compound step is a little more aggressive like that cheese grater they used on my feet!

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