Maintaining a ceramic coated vehicle vs an uncoated vehicle

Maintaining a ceramic coated vehicle vs an uncoated vehicle

by: Jonathan Monson & Dirty2Dreamy Detail Services

We often see comments like, ”now that your vehicle is ceramic coated you cannot use an automatic car wash” or “when you ceramic coat your vehicle you can only use certain chemicals to wash it”. These are flat out lies, but follow me for a second on this. 

These comments and thought processes happen because of the way many of us detailers talk. We teach you how to care for your vehicle after a ceramic coating. That often gets misunderstood as “now that the car is ceramic coated you have to care for it this way” when in fact we are trying to say “ceramic coated or not, this is the safest way”. Bear with us, we spend most of our lives talking to cars (haha). 

 Whether you’re riding ceramic coated or not, automatic car washes are NOT good for your vehicle. I wrote an article about that here. This is why proper car care is actually a chore. An uncoated vehicle gets a lot dirtier and requires a bit more elbow grease to get clean. The problem with that is the more elbow grease you use, the more likely you’re leaving behind wash marks, marring and paint damage. By elbow grease I mean the geek stuff we detailers talk about all the time like iron decontamination chemicals, mechanical decontamination clay, detail wash mitts and an extensive line of wheel tools. I’m not saying to actually push harder, that’s terrible advice. 

So, the biggest difference between a ceramic coated vehicle and uncoated vehicle is EASIER maintenance. You can get that showroom finish with a simple regular wash whereas uncoated you may need to do all that geek stuff that we do. 

In short, a ceramic coating saves you time and money on maintenance. Still not sure how? Well, here is another article on how much money you can save with a ceramic coating. Here

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Jonathan Monson

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