Why you shouldn’t ask your detailer for a discount

Why you shouldn’t ask your detailer for a discount

by: Jonathan Monson & Dirty2Dreamy Detail

Many would think, based on the title, that I’m about to give you a hard time for asking for a discount. When in fact, I’m going to give you a better way to ask for the best price. Let’s be honest, people who are good with money know how to get the best bang for their buck when it comes to services and products. 

The first don’t is to straight up ask for a discount. You have heard this put a thousand ways. You don’t go to a steak restaurant and ask for a discount on a top sirloin. The problem is, how do you know if your detailer is a steak detailer or a McDonald’s detailer. Because let me tell you, we are not all the same and that’s a fact. 

The first do is to find out who you are working with. Is this a trained and certified professional detail shop or is this an express detail location? The easiest way to do this is to ask. Are you certified? The answer to this question will tell you a lot about the detail business. Again, we aren’t talking bad about any level of detail business…we just know there are very different market shares in this industry. 

The second do is to clearly state exactly what you’re looking for in a detail. This is kind of an industry life hack for you. We are in fact detailers. So, the more detailed you get with the inquiry, the more we like you and can pick the right service for you. Details can range from $150 to as much as $3500 or more. It’s not easy to quote the right level without proper information. 

The final hack to get the best value is to straight up ask. What makes this the best value for me? This question will clear up any confusion on price, product or what you are getting. The answer to this may even reveal something about the service you may not want or need. At that point you can begin a dialogue for sure. 

Ultimately, the best detail experience starts with a great sales interaction. Truly finding out what your wants and needs are should be the #1 priority of your detailer. If they aren’t asking you questions, then they may not be quoting you the right service. 

For more information on our detail prices, visit our website and check out all the info we have laid out for you. We even made quotes easy by creating two easy to fill out quote forms. Check it out! Get a quote! Want to see our menu? Click here!

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